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Kitchen & Bathroom Designs

Kitchen & Bathroom Designs


The kitchen and bathroom are generally considered to be two rooms in the home that are most essential. Because guests and homeowners spend so much time in these spaces, it’s crucial that they are rooms that are enjoyable and functional. If you are looking for kitchen and bathroom inspiration, we can help! At West Point Carpet One Floor & Home, we can help transform the look of your space with a custom backsplash, tiled shower, and new flooring. We can even give you design advice depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.



Kitchen & Bath Flooring Options



Your kitchen and bathroom experience a ton of wear and tear. That’s why it’s important to have flooring that is durable and long-lasting. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing the flooring you are investing in is going to give you benefits that you can appreciate every day. We carry a vast selection of flooring that is both durable and attractive for kitchens and bathrooms, such as luxury vinyl and tile.




Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Luxury vinyl flooring mimics the look of hardwood but provides many more benefits. Luxury vinyl is not only durable but also water and scratch-resistant.




Tile Flooring


Tile flooring for your kitchen or bathroom is an investment that is worth the time. You can get an attractive floor without having to worry about stains, spills, or scratches.




Tile Belterra IR





Custom Backsplashes



A custom tile backsplash is an excellent way to upgrade your home and make it look brand-new. With a custom tile backsplash, you can choose from a few different tiles and combine styles to create a backsplash that is uniquely yours. Plus, a tile backsplash will protect your walls from spills, splatters, and accidents that often happen in kitchens and bathrooms. There are many benefits to adding or replacing a tile backsplash, so let us help you find what you’re looking for!

                                                                                    kitchen IR                                                  



Tile backsplashes are the perfect addition to any home because they add style and class. Plus, a tile backsplash can actually make your home easier to maintain!







Kitchen & Bathroom Trends



Kitchen and bathroom trends are forever changing, but what is always true is that an investment in your home is sure to be one you will enjoy. In bathrooms, one exciting trend is creating a spa-like space. This can be achieved by using stone, porcelain, or ceramic tiles in a shower and installing them all the way to the ceiling. By taking the time to bring the tile to the ceiling, you will enhance the look of the space and draw the eye to the beauty of the tile. In kitchens, choosing colors that are not all neutral is a new trend. 


Custom Tile Showers


We are proud to offer custom tile showers as part of our selection. A custom tile shower will change your bathroom by making it luxurious, trendy, and useful. With a new custom tile shower, you will love to experience your bathroom every single day. We have a wide range of tile to choose from for tile showers, and you can add a personal touch by adding accents or border with mosaics.