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Hardwood with Refinishing Paint brush and Refinishing Dark Wood Stain

Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing could be just the service you need to make your hardwood floors look brand-new. If your hardwoods look worn, scratched, or dull, refinishing your floors is an excellent way to bring them back to life. As your local, trusted flooring professionals, West Point Carpet One Floor & Home is your source for hardwood refinishing services. 



Is it Easy to Refinish Hardwood Floors

The kind of hardwood refinishing you need for your home could depend on how worn they are. There are two types of refinishing available, buffing, and sanding and refinishing. 

If your hardwood floors are worn but only on the surface, buffing could be the refinishing service you need. Buffing floors is an excellent alternative to sanding and refinishing because it does not require the floors to be sanded down past the stain. Instead, buffing takes the finish off of hardwoods and allows a new coat of finish to be applied. Once the new finish is applied and has time to dry, your hardwood floors will show no signs of surface scratches. 


Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is a bit different than buffing them. Sanding and refinishing is necessary when your hardwoods are worn past the surface layer. During the process, the sander takes off the layers of finish and stain. Once this is done, most of the scratches, dents, and scuffs will also be removed. It’s time to re-stain your floors the color of your choice! You do not have to choose the same stain at this point; you can choose the color of your preference. Keep in mind, the grain of your floors will not change, and the natural character can look completely different with a new stain color. After the stain is applied and allowed to dry, a finish is applied. It’s crucial not to step on them or put rugs and furniture back, as it takes several days for the floors to dry completely. When all the steps are completed, your hardwood floors will be bright, charming, and elegant once again! 


If you’re interested in hardwood refinishing, stop by our showroom in Greeley, CO or give us a call. 



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