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Carpet Remnants

What Are Carpet Remnants?

If you’re searching for discount carpet near you, West Point Carpet One Floor & Home carries a range of stylish in-stock carpet remnants. Our carpet remnants are for sale and perfect for smaller home renovations and projects. Contact us today, or plan a visit to our showroom in Greeley, CO to view our flooring samples and remnant selection.

Carpet remnants are the leftover end pieces of our in-stock carpet rolls that are too small for a full-scale installation, but still large enough to be useful. Although we discount our carpet remnants, they’re made from high-end products that have special features like moisture-wicking, stain-resistant fibers. You can even find completely waterproof carpet remnants that have an industrial backing to protect the surface beneath from spills.



What Can Carpet Remnants Be Used For?

Carpet remnants are useful for a range of projects, including smaller installations like home offices, nurseries, and playrooms. You can have them bound to create a cheap area rug that will protect your hard surface floors from wear, and to add insulation and sound absorption to places like your living room and bedroom. They’re also great for creating affordable stair runners that add slip and fall protection to your home.

You can also use carpet remnants for pet projects, like cat scratch posts, crate bedding, and protection under kitty litters. They’re useful for storage padding, as well as lining cabinets. Additionally, you can create a car floor mat, and they can be added around garages, basements, and workshops for various purposes.

No matter what you’re interested in using them for, we have a great selection of ever-changing carpet remnants for sale at our Greeley location. If you’re searching for cheap carpet remnants to help you with your latest home project, stop by to view our selection and chat with our home and flooring professionals.

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